When it gets hot and dry, and believe me it dose, we all get a little crazy from the heat. That’s when our best ideas sprout from Bali’s hard earth and come to life. It’s “Dress up Drags” time again. Our good friends Monty, Diamond Dave and Andrew Wellman’s birthday’s all fall on this illustrious weekend and what a better way to celebrate than to dress up, race motorcycles and stomp around like a bunch of goons. So the plan goes like this, it’s an open invite to all to enjoy as a spectator, or even better, rock up in customs, show off your bike and challenge someone to a “Drag Race”. Now we don’t race for pinks, but we do enjoy drinks and all the racers must be in costume. So if you’re feeling a bit crazy and want to throw some dirt around town then meet at Deus Ex Machina in Canggu this Sunday at 4pm sharp. We’ll saddle up, ride to the “Mystery Drag Strip”, race your balls off like there’s no tomorrow, then back up to “The Temple” for Live Music and DJ’s all night long as we jump into our “Sunset Sessions”, because as you know, we can't do one without the other… P.S. The bar was raised high last year with the outfits, so put some thought into yours. But if you don’t have an outfit, don’t be shy a good crowd with hoots and hollering is just as important to the “Dress up Drags”… See you Sunday.