Deus Ex Machina x Alpha Industries - Season Two.

Three new MA- 1 Flight Jackets, the joint endeavours of Deus Ex Machina and Alpha Industries.

Touching down in the 1950s, the MA-1 became the official flight jacket of U.S. Air Force and Navy pilots and their ground crews. The iconic bomber jacket provided a blank canvas for aviators to express hope, wit and gallows humour via embellishment and customisation: A rare opportunity for individuality within the rigid sartorial guidelines of the U.S. military. Becoming de rigueur for Punks and Mods in the 1970's, an MA- 1 is a beautifully rare example of a statement and a staple.

This season the storied jackets are customised with tonal direct embroideries, featuring Deus Ex Machina's powerful artwork in a contemporary monochrome palette. Alongside them is a timeless military green and orange combo with Deus patches and a full- colour embroidered back piece. The weight is perfect for warmer climates and transitional months.