Catching up with Husni Part 3

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to have visited this corner of Java you’d know it’s not your typical Indonesia surf scene. For one thing the place is very light on when it comes to egos, and competitive personas. There’s none of those stereotypical machos surfers, it’s a life less complicated and perhaps one could say, even less sophisticated, if you get my drift. Instead what you come across is the sort of place where you feel like you have taken a step or two back in time. This surf community has nourished itself on the people who live here. This might be surfer’s who grew up there or one’s who have found this little bit of paradise and decided to stay. The collective who live here all use the surf and the environment around them to inspire their creative side on water and out, whether art or music it permeates everything they do. Like fisherman, these people pull their life from the ocean. Just not in so obvious a fashion. It’s no wonder that artist Andrew Wellman felt so in sync in this corner of the world. He slid into the place like he glides along the perfect peelers that spawn at the headline. He’s someone that’s not caught up in life’s trappings. A defiant of progress who’s become more and more jaded with the world as it encroaches on his home in Canggu Bali. You could see him in the water taking his fill daily. When not in the water he was engrossed reading books and doing what a lot of us thinks he does best, his art. I’m going to go out on a limb here. The push will become too much for him and in time we will see him there more and more until perhaps one day….