Death Rides a Horse. New York Premiere.

Steve McQueen once said “I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city in earth.” And we usually take this notion to heart. We often find ourselves in wide open deserts, long stretches of sand, paddling out to deep reef breaks or sweating profusely pushing through jungles. But there is something to be said for the wildness and insanity that makes up New York. No city on earth compares. It seems to have its own heart that beats at a quicker pace than any other spot. Its shear size and mass creates its own gravitational pull that requires at least one visit. And if you like pizza and partying, it is mecca. So of course Deus had to premiere our latest film offering to this insatiable city. “Death Rides A Horse” opened to a rambunctious crew of New Yorkers at Freehold and the entire event did not disappoint! Hoots and hollers started even before the movie, and continued unceasingly throughout the entire screening. Beers were hoisted, cheers were made, hugs were handed out, hands were high fived and laughter filled the bar. As the careening mob made its way out of the venue, the typical question that we heard nonstop on our NY visit was asked “Where’s the nearest pizza joint?” Thanks to Jonathan Stein and everyone at Freehold Brooklyn. Images by Joel Alexander / @hahaJoel /