Deus Emporium X Bleach Design Werks Launch Party

To Those Who Attended & Those Who Couldn’t Make It,

Thanks for joining us and for your support! It was a super exciting night to open up the ‘Werkshop’ and start my residency at the Deus Emporium Of Post Modern Activity in Venice, California.

The night began as a gathering of both familiar faces as well as a lot of new ones. Beers were served thanks to Firestone Walker and some tacos to fill you up. For me, a gathering or launch has always been at the end of a project, where you arrive to kick back, enjoy and celebrate the months of hard work that was put in.

This concept of creating transparency of a collaboration, set a different feel... I was arriving for work. It was the “first” day of work and the beginning of this bike build and everyone was here to celebrate and enjoy that process. Mid-way through the night, I tore the bike down and fulfilled my vision of sharing that process with the crowd and what day 1 of a collaboration looks like behind the scenes.

This bike build and capsule collection will continue with more in-person Firestone Walker Happy Hour events at the ‘Werkshop’! (Dates Announced Soon). If you missed it or even if you did attend the opening night, make sure to join us for the next one! If you can’t make it, follow along with our Bleach x Deus - Transparency video series on YouTube.

All Love,


Photos by: @ridgebenben


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