Research and development

From the multiple blogs that have been posted featuring the last 2 fun filled weeks and all the exploits crew have been getting up to, you may notice, we hope your paying attention, that a certain blonde haired goofy footer was conspicuously absent. For those of you who don’t know who I’m talking about, it’s Deus rider, Jason “Salsa” Salisbury. Swell prompted him to duck out before the commotion started, going as far as leaving the islands shores. He put it all to a short R&D mission for his new Deus line of clothing that he has designed and now testing, the Salsa “Rucksack Revolution” line. Partners in crime were Salsa’s brother Chris and fellow left hand wave connoisseur and artist friend Nicholas Chalmers….I knew something was afoot so I tagged along knowing full well that something was bound to happen and should be there to capture it. In a fashion that we have become familiar to. Modus operandi had us hitting the ferry under the cover of darkness, bound for the pointy bit of coastline on a neighboring island. The mission across one of the deepest trenches in the world was full of lumps and bumps then compounded by some of the worst roads in existence. Lets just say it was good finally to say we finally made it. It was still pitch black when we arrived, the boys sat in anticipation listening to the familiar crashing sounds of unknown sized waves bouncing on the reef. Dawn hadn’t even splinted and they were out in the water, and thats pretty much where they stayed for the next 3 days, taking breaks only to hydrate and recuperate energy. Although it wasn’t all time, the left hand point break gave out a fair share of sizable sets, giving the trio multiple trips to the green room and even more toothy smiles. Here is a little ocular breakdown of that 72hour getaway. Enjoy! Photos and words By Tom Hawkins