Scorpido 225

In standard trim Yamaha's Scorpio is about as elegant as Joe Bugner reciting Tolstoy. Not the prettiest to look at, and as for sound, a tsunami waring siren would be more pleasant to the ear. However under the rough exterior lurks a cracker of a 4 stroke 4 valve single. A complete tear down of the puppy allows Deus artisans to relieve the chassis of the puppy's useless bits. Fabrication includes fitting of a custom alloy tank, bars, fenders, seat, exhaust, air-box eliminator, speedo, and custom battery box etc. Once happy with the fab, the puppy is wrapped in a skin of gloss black powder coat. Wheels are re-laced in stainless, while the rims and hubs are given the same lick of black. Crankcase, barrel, and parts of the top end were given hi-temp satin black with the fins relieved. Like Aussie Joe, the Scorpido is a serious contender.