The Bali Fish Fry

Saturday 16th June we want ya to flip out of bed and flop down to Tugu beach for the Inaugural Bali Fish Fry. from ten in the am. It's gonna be a 'show and tell' surf style. There'll be all sorts of alternative craft; Fish, Log’s, Hull’s, Single Fins, Trackers & Bonzors. We'll even have a selection to try. Demo's from the 'Fishermen' will be throughout the day. It’s grassroots and about having fun. We're cooking up a good vibe down there. A veritable potpourri of people who want to show appreciation for the shapes and perhaps shine a little light on the guys who make em. We’ll wind things up surfside early arvo. Give you time for a rest, take stock, because come 6pm you’ll need your wits about you. We have a who’s who of shaping coming over to the Deus Temple for a chat. Legends Bob McTavish & Rich Pavell take on bright new hopes Thomas Bexon, Ryan Birch and Alex Knost in a knock down drawn out bout to get the nitty gritty on board design. Monty 'The Duke of Deus' will referee the match that's a no holds barred event. Prong two of the weekend long trident that is Deus 9' & Single Log Fest. Good fun, good people, good times.