The Last Flight To Agadir - Harrison Roach in Morocco

The Last Flight To Agadir
At the end of a long and dusty road, across the barren landscapes of Morocco, lies Agadir – a fishing outpost for families that have known no other place and destination to the cold, long-fetched swells of the Atlantic Ocean. The waves march eastward across thousands of miles, gaining momentum and form, until they unleash, perfectly groomed and utterly unridden, beneath the towering cliffs of the Moroccan shoreline. It was to this foreign land that Harrison Roach took a quiver of surfboards and a film crew to harvest the rewards of long journeys and distant wanderings. Presented by Surf Stitch and Deus ex Machina, The Last Flight to Agadir ventures to the lonely coastlines of North Africa to challenge the ocean, the equipment and the human spirit in spectacular form. With ten-foot lines of water marching to the coast, Harrison ventures alone into the cold water to ride the results of a swell he had tracked from across the seas. Shot and directed by Andrew Gough and featuring Harrison Roach, The Last Flight to Agadir is the culmination of challenges overcome and the experience that made them all worthwhile. #LastFlightToAgadir