Welcome to womp womp, land of the laydown barrel.

So my children of the sea, we last left you with a mind filled with fried fish, art for your ocular cavity and "Come Hell or High Water" a movie exploring the joys of body woomping. Much more than a movie premier. It's here you'll pick up tips and tricks. A style guide for what's in store. But bloody hell, that Friday's set to be a good day; nay I say, a great day, to be had by all.

But the fun in the sun-n-sand continues on this weekend now deemed, "9ft & Single, Art, Music and Log Fest". Saturday morning at 7am we will all shake off the dust from the night just past and head on down to the beach for a belly full of laughs and a mouth full of water as Deus Ex Machina hosts its first body bash contest, known to us as The Canggu Woomp Comp. The name says it all and itspretty straight forward, 4 man heats, fins, no fins, hand planes, or sans. The Canggu sandbar will be the go for this fiasco in the shore pound. Yourchance to put into play what you gleaned from the movie the night prior.

So come down and enter if you wish and take a trip back to your youth when woomping was the activity as the tides change over your day on the beach.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOez2mFNk2s&w=560&h=315]