A Fist Full of Fiberglass

A dusty road cleared as Mr. Tyler Warren blew in to our part of town on that fateful night and that is when the mayhem began. He was bound for glory and lusty to create his story, so here it is…….
The young blond artist graced our presence with art spilling out of his pores and visions of boards to be shaped; he was on a mission and we were willing to go the distance with him. “I'll take a 8’4 blank” he proclaimed before promptly chopping it down to a 4’11, all before his first beer was consumed. A scratch here and a few well thought out shaves with the plainer tempered with a few more coldies and out from the bowels of originality comes ”The Disk of Mortality” a 4’11 gem that no one could ride like he could, much like an untamed stead in an open range.
His creativity and charming smile took over the “Temple” and we were riding his 4 week high. He may have blown out of our town but his spirit remains with his “Sliding Devises” all on display and a few of his gems on our board rack. So if yer blowin down our road stop by and take a look and hang for a yarn or two…….