A bike ride @ Bromance Maritimae

While our partnership with Cinelli is growing and growing with the awesome Deus Cinelli Ride, and after the big success of the Deus Cinelli Gazzetta Track bike, we are very happy to announce a new limited series Deus Cycleworks bicycle. Also this time we start from one of the big classic of the Italian Company: the HoyHoy from the Bootleg family, a city/trekking and touring cool bike, that became quickly a real myth of the Street Cycling born. The Bootleg brand born in 2000 and was able to invent a new way of bicycles that today is on the basis of the city and fun Deus Cycleworks range bicycles. So we decide to celebrate it, with a small production of the HoyHoy Superfluo. A customized versione, with some dedicated art job and parts, to build "a contemporary version of one great iconic bike of our timing". But we don't make just the bike, we find also the best way to present it: with a great 3 days travel of our Deus man Frank, that with two friends did the Bromance Maritimae trip. A quick but intense - for riding but also for social - trip trough the mountain of Piemonte and Liguria from Cuneo to the see of Ventimiglia. An incredible journey, perfectly narrate by professional picture and made with 3 non specialistic but great and special bike. The Deus Cinelli Hoy Hoy, and two steel handmade bicycles: a Fabrica Cycles and a Casbah Ciclo club CXSS bike. Three bikes that perfectly represent this new big era of cycling made by travel, back packing, customs bicycle and a new style of machine: made of beauty and quality, but also more flexible compare to the classic production of the big brands. And last but not least, three bikes for three guys that made an amazing trip! And you can find here the full story. Picture: Francesco Dolfo