Apply This

Nathan Kostechiko & Arielle Pytka are a couple out of Venice Beach, a couple of world nomads that is. For two years they have let circumstance, Nate's tattoo work, and a big bag of their own enthusiasm chart their worldwide course for adventure. A roof top party in LA, a conversation. You have a Temple devoted to Enthusiasm? They didn't need another reason to lead them across the pacific and to Bali where they washed up three weeks ago. They came with a backpack, a board and no intentions other than to surf and do some art, not then anyway. They came to the Temple and the conversation that seemed so many moons and miles ago kick started up. Asked if he drew or painted for his tattoo inspiration he produced a portfolio. And so did Arielle. Why not do a show? Why not? Enthused and time poor they took up residence in the shack out the back of the Temple and produced. Two weeks to go. Different by similar. Two interpretations of the same theme. Both coming from the same place. Rich in symbolism. Playful. Arielle opts for color and texture overlaid with icons. The canvas unstretched, outside flat in the sun. Colour poured forth, earth or pure, it pools then dries, happy accidents. A cross, more of a plus, positive, balanced. A compass, direction. Nate is more about skulls, traditional in tattoos, black, white, yet symbolic, after all everyone has one. Some detailed others obscured as if in a fog. They named their show N/A instantly recognizable as the initials of their first names. Scratch the top off the scab though and you reveal a deeper and more relevant meaning. The instantly recognizable acronym for Not Applicable. Their attempt to thwarting any attempt to categorize or pidgin hole their work. They see it as their own personal journey back to the void. To the place before we form opinions and begin to differ with each other. A land inhabited by children. A land they would like to live in.