Back in black

We do make custom motorcycles. We really do. You’d not be mistaken for thinking we don’t, what with the surf side of things monopolising the Blog sphere of late. Ok, we’re sorry. But as we have said time and time again. The two of them are intrinsically joined for us living in Bali. But enough of the whys, here is a where for. A little build we thought we’d better share with you. A custom order for a man who knew what he wanted. Something to kick start his life in Bali. To get him to the beach on time. All dark and mysterious like.

This little queue jumper is build around a Honda GL 200.

It’s got black on black on black. Matt at than. Japanese TK wheels wrapped in Michelin Sirac tyres. Sitting atop is the modified frame and it’s super sexy hand made side covers and tank. Blink and you might miss the gloss black Deus logo on the sea of matt. Subtle touch gentlemen. The engine was black wrinkle finished, though sparingly, we left some polished highlights to capture the tropical sun. Everyone needs a little bling. Even the custom reverse cone exhaust has a bit of sparkle, the alloy tip. There’s a replica Harley head light with grill and for steering we added the street tracker style Ventura handle bars adorned in posh small switches and finished in black gum grips. The only real splash of colour comes from the alloy Posh turning signals.

Whether you’re a believer or not. You have to agree, seen up close like this. There is nothing basic about the colour…black. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Black Cat.