Back Yard Hootenanny

The word Hootenanny dates back to the early 60's, at the height of the folk music era. The club 'The Bitter End' held a Hootenanny every Tuesday night, featuring an open mic that welcomed performers known and unknown, young and old.
The Hootenanny that took place in the Deus back yard last night was a true throwback to the origins, with people from all walks of life grabbing an instrument and donning the stage. From the regulars like Andy Elliot, to the first timers like Nathan Myers, the line up was varied in people, instruments and equipment...the custom made amplifiers provided sound as well as aesthetic qualities.
It was a nice relaxing back yard jam session, the garden was full, and as the night progressed, the Barmuda Tryangles got everybody on their feet. Great night guys, cant wait till next time!