Birds Eye View

Today we got to see a rare side of the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu when a good friend of ours, Errol, rocked up at the Deus Temple in Canggu. We know him from the Ombak Surf Film Festival a yearly event held here in Bali. He was on a different mission today though for under his arm he had a contraption that resembled a flying saucer more than a remote control ‘copter. He wanted to see what our sheds in the rice field looked like from high up. Who are we to argue? Aerial photography, once the plaything of companies & millionaires requiring full sized planes or helicopters, production crews and of course a catering budget to get anything off the ground has definitely downsized in the past decade. Apparently there are a number of different style ‘remote control’ vehicles carrying a staple payload of a SLR camera in an anti vibration camera mount whizzing around the world at any given moment. Small size means a smaller investment putting it in the means of the more modest. Hell, ours was a freebie from a mate. How good is that? After some tinkering around in calibrating camera and his identified flying saucer he took to the skys for a number of fly bys. Wet you appetite for flying from down on the ground? Want some of your own? Errol has a site coming online at for the moment though you can get in contact with him by calling him on 081339025223