Carby Tuckwell is not an artist

Carby Tuckwell says he's not an artist. I would love to agree with him. The only problem is he kinda is....and when I say 'kinda' I mean absolutely, he is the only guy I know who has watched a team paint a full Boeing 747 to his design.
Tuckwell, one of Australia's leading graphic designers, finally said 'no' to the corporate grind. Five years ago after a career of graphic design problem solving for commercial giants he threw down the powerpoint presentations and picked up the brush. Years of accumulated creativity and passion exploded forth. At that time he help found Deus ex Machina and since then the walls of Deus 'House of Simple Pleasures' in Sydney have been coated in a thick layer of enthusiasm ever since.
Involved in graphic design, painting and photography...Tuckwell seems to have his finger is all the creative pies that come together to form Deus Ex Machina. Which is why the creative level that leaves those Sydney warehouse doors is such high caliber.
Prints, paintings and scripts, its all from the eye and hand of Carby... So sit back, maybe grab a coffee and appreciate the beautiful simplicity that forms his Deus vision. For a closer look at some of his work, come on down to the Temple of of Enthusiasm, where he is featuring his work in the Deus Gallery's first showing....'single fin.'