Crusin’ Java: Part I

Crusin’ Java: Part I

We are two weeks into the New Year and one of my resolutions has already been ticked off the list. I’ll admit it’s not the kind of resolution that isn’t enjoyable, like going on a diet but I’m already as skinny as a rake anyway. My first resolution was to mix work and pleasure on a journey to my favourite point break in Java. We’ve tapped into the cruisey village vibe, with sambal on tap, point-side Pocaris and millions in our pockets. Husni’s kingdom has a lot to offer. It’s cause for celebration and there’s been party waves a plenty.

The New Year’s Eve hangover is long gone and the only fatigue we are feeling now is a result of 4 am starts and six-hour sessions. We are not complaining. I keep forgetting that this trip is more than having fun and hanging out with friends. It’s also about showcasing some of the best logging talent of this generation. Matt Cuddihy is warming up the point as I write and Zye Norris is typically and fashionably late. We look forward to his arrival early this week.

The plan for the next few weeks (other than mincing around) is to create a timeless slice of longboarding imagery that will open our new film titled, I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night. We will keep you posted over the next weeks as the fruit of our labour begins to ripen.

Sincerely yours,

Harrison Roach and the Deus Rat Pack.

Photos by Anthony Dodds & Woody Gooch