Deus Cycleworks: the magic ascent of Forcella di Olino

Italian Cycling season isn’t over yet, or we can better say that, for Deus Cycleworks crew, it never ends! Winter is coming, but temperatures are still comfortable for a four hours ride, and the last days of November give us some unforgettable days for the last mountain peak riding. We don’t care about cold weather or empty streets, we’re always in the mood for cycling, especially because we can ride surrounded by gorgeous Italian landscapes. For this reason we decided some days ago to live the last days of autumn wandering around the peaceful Lecco’s countryside. This time we move to Morterone, a small village in the middle of the Valsassina, that also gives name at one of the most spectacular climb of Lombardia: the “Forcella di Olino”. It is an awesome ascent that starts from the city of Ballabio, a little village above Lake Como’s branch of Lecco at 637 meter above the see, and reaches Morterone, located instead at 1138 meter above see level. This ride is one of the gem of this parts of Italy: it is an untouched street where you can train yourself or just get a rest from everything. We chose it because we love this climb, that got the perfect length (less then 10km) and a gradient on the average of 6% that gives the possibility to make a perfect training for this season. October and November give some incredibile colors to all mountains around this ascent, and Deus Cycleworks Team, composed by two Carby Road and two Steelness road bike – and obviously their riders – took advantage of this extraordinary route to ride bicycles, test some parts and spent some good time together.