Deus Nine Foot and Single 2016 – Lady Loggers

There’s nothing quite like watching a girl riding a singlefin longboard. The grace and finesse is theirs alone, the balletic dance of the lady-logger. The Deus Ladies’ Log Fest brought eight girls together from around the world for a self-elected one-hour expression session. The two-girl Hawaiian contingent of Honolua Blomfield and Sierra Lerback showed that it was no stranger to solid waves, both girls surfing with confidence and style. Long noserides down the line, late take-offs and Honolua even managed to immerse herself in a barrel or two – it was lady sliding at its finest. Ryobay Maruyama from Japan didn’t hold back, her beaming smile visible from the beach as she took off on wave after wave, not holding back and her fluid grace never wavering. Whatever the wave is doing beneath her or however much it might roar and rage behind her, she didn’t lose her calm and smooth style. Maddie Gross may be used to the cruising point breaks of Australia’s Byron Bay, but she was by no means out of her depth in Bali and surfed an excellent hour in the waves of Canggu Right, which kept improving with the rising tide, the wind being kind throughout the day. The local flag was flown high by Bora Bora and Alessia Marietti, both showing their knowledge of the break and putting on an excellent show for their fan club. As the crowd rose higher in the sky, the crowd sought out shade and the Deus Bar & Grill dished out refreshments. With some of the best female surfing in the world taking place right in front of them, all eyes were cast to the horizon and not a single turn was missed. Spectators cheered the girls’ performance with equal enthusiasm as with the men’s divisions and it was a spectacular showcase of contemporary female longboarding. Disaster struck with 15 minutes remaining, Honolua and Sierra taking off together for a party wave. But Honolua drew a high line, the lip catching her rail and sending her over the falls. Her loose board didn’t want to stop surfing, heading straight for Sierra and taking her out. Hobbling from the water, blood pouring from a nasty fin gash in her ankle, her smile didn’t break as help rushed to lift her from the shore. Fortune had it that Surftime editor-in-chief, Matt George – blessedly also a trained paramedic – was not only on hand but also baring a first aid kit. Gritting her teeth through a couple of stitches on a makeshift operating table, Sierra was back on her feet, but she had surfed her last Indo wave – at least for this trip. Cristiana Pires, a late entry, made contest organisers glad of her participation, surfing some great waves and adding to the party of the Ladies’ Log Fest expression session. But this was no token gesture to the fairer sex. These girls were here for a reason, and they took every opportunity to show their surfing to their very best abilities. With more action to come from the Deus Under Nine Foot & Single, the day wasn’t over, and the wahines provided an exceptional addition to the day’s aquatic activities. For more information on the Deus Nine Foot & Single, visit the website: Photos: @kelibow @gianggowphoto @benosbornephoto @ol_sin @sashafr0mrussia