Deus Slidetoberfest 2017 - It's a Wrap Video

Deus Slidetoberfest 2017 - It's a Wrap  Video

The Deus Slidetoberfest is our four day celebration of what makes island life great. It's the perfect cocktail of friends, family, two wheels, old and new and a bevy of boards all shaped in the Deus Temple bay by just as many shapers. The whole thing can' help to be drenched in good times.

We're not ones for sitting on our laurels, and we shook it all up again this year by adding the Deus Swank Rally and a Flat Track, one of the first run in Indonesia.

Sure, they're all competitions and everyone's super competitive but having the best time seems to have come out on top.

With that, we invite you to sit back and take a look at our recap, and maybe this is all the incentive you need to get yourself over to Bali for Slidetober 2018!