Deus Sound Check At Deus Trapdoor Japan

DEUS SOUND CHECK at DEUS TRAPDOOR On July 11th, DEUS SOUND CHECK was held at TRAPDOOR, it was the first event at Deus Harajuku's newly named basement venue. A sound check is usually just that: an opportunity to check the sound quality of an assembled sound system, it serves as the final test before 'going live'. Typically, this is an internal verification process, done behind closed doors. However, to test our new DEUS system, to see what it's capable of producing, we invited a selection of well respected DJ's and music industry aficionados, to DEUS SOUND CHECK for a public & final sound test. The interest for anything new and exciting happening in the heart of Tokyo is high and the response to our invitation to "bring your best beats and flow it on our system" was very positive as many agreed to attend.

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7月11日デウス原宿地下スペースの新しい名称 “DEUS TRAPDOORデウストラップドア”での初めての催し、“DEUS SOUND CHECK”が行われた。
音のプロフェッショナルによる公開サウンドチェック“DEUS SOUND CHECK”を行った。