Flagship - The Emporium Of Postmodern Activities - Los Angeles

Darkened and crispy on the outside. Chewy and delicious on the inside. Welcome to The Emporium of Postmodern Activities. Deus Ex Machina’s third addition to its global ground fleet of marvel outlets is proudly located in Venice, CA—one of the most vibrant hubs of surf, bicycle, and motorcycle culture on planet Earth.

Featuring in-house custom built motorcycles by Michael “Woolie” Woolaway, hand-shaped and hand-glassed surfboards, clothing and artwork designed at the House of Simple Pleasures in Camperdown, Sydney, and brewcraft from Vittoria as well as an intimate selection of fine apparel, accessories, footwear, motorcycle gear, books, magazines and more —the gas station turned flower shop turned Deus Ex Machina depository draws from its grand vessel of world flavors and stands at the ready to astonish and serve its citizenry.


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