Film Night at Deus Noosa

Film Night at Deus Noosa

To kick off our week at the Noosa Festival of Surf, the store was converted into a mini cinema and performance space; when it comes to putting on a premiere it's hard to top such a paradisal backdrop. The essential ingredients were all present; good food, more than a few beverages and live tunes. For legal reasons we can't take credit for the sunset but it certainly added to the ambience.

After the hellos and warm welcomes were finished, burgers we're distributed into eager hands and washed down with some beverages from Gage Roads Brewing.

Like any movie house worth it's salt, a quick flash of the lights let everyone know to gather round. First was a sneaky early showing of 'The Ballad of Busted Spark Plugs' documenting an odyssey south of the border, keep an eye out for the full film online in coming weeks. Next up was 'The Long Road to Grajagan' produced in collaboration with FCS to celebrate our recent capsule collection, which you can watch in it's entirety tomorrow.

Never content with standard procedure, we invited The M1 to perform a live score to the film and a set of their original tracks afterwards. For those lost in the lights you could hardly notice the music was live, but the score added such a great feel the movie was practically dancing upon on the walls above the Everest of free booze from our West Australian alchohol wizards Gage Roads.

Certainly a fitting launch into the coming week of surfing, music, culture and general rabble rousing


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