Get to know 'Tappy' a little better

A few weeks ago we were stoked to welcome back Japanese shaper and our friend from across the water, Takuya 'Tappy' Yoshikawa. He spent a few weeks working his magic in the Deus shaping bay, handcrafting boards of all shapes and sizes for the racks on the Deus Retail floor. While Tappy sculpted foam, Andre Cricket, the mastermind behind the videos that come from the Temple of Enthusiasm, spent some time with him asking him some questions and getting to know him a little better.

Here is the fruit of Andre's labour. Grab a coffee, hit fullscreen then sit back and get an insight into Tappy's life.


数週間前、デウスファミリーの良き仲間であり シェイパーの Takuya Tappy Yoshikawa が Deus Ex Machina バリにシェイピングをしに来た。 その時の様子をサーフビデオグラファーであるアンドレクリケットが撮影をしたのがこちら。タッピーの滞在期間中、2人は共に過ごし、タッピーの人生観について話を聞き,この動画を作った。この動画を見れば彼についてもっと知る事ができるだろう