Pineapples, poke and pits. Harrison in Hawaii.

Deus family member Harrison Roach recently spent a couple of weeks surfing along the 7-mile miracle on the North Shore of Oahu. Think pineapples, poke and pits. The swell was wild upon his arrival and his first sessions were battles with Mother Nature yielding little to no reward. It’s a hard task trying to muscle into position at Pipeline on the best of days. After the brunt of the swell passed however, the conditions turned to medium sized perfection and Harrison was able to enjoy a whole lot of hollow Hawaiian surf. Riding a batch of Neal Purchase Jnr’s infamous “Duos” Harrison had one of the most eclectic quivers on the North Shore this year. There were more’n a few peeps that were surprised at how the boards held up in the extra power that the famed stretch of coastline is known for. But enough of this, peruse the select of imagery and see for yourself. Special thanks to and @woodygphoto