Hats on for Truckers

Trying to keep your head out of the sun has never been easier. A delivery van pulled up at the back gates of the Temple today and unloaded a whole heap of boxes filled to the brim with some mighty fine looking trucker hats. As quick as a flash we had them out and into the studio where we snapped a couple of piccies for your viewing pleasure. The bytes hadn't dried on the digital shots before the boys were once again loading them back into the van to whizz around and deliver a swag to all of our fine retailers around Bali. Make sure you get out there and grab 'em...
They won't last long.
If you want to get the full Deus experience why not mossy down to the Deus 'Temple of Enthusiasm' or 'Warung of Simple Pleasures where we kept a pile of each. I'm sure there's one there with your name on it..