Hindsight… A Beautiful Thing

Now the dust has settled and the hangovers abated…somewhat, we wanted to go back over an important phase of Deus 9’ & Single Log Fest 2012. The Fish Fry… Between us, you and a lamppost, we had absolutely no idea of where to start with this one. So being purveyors of the ‘brave new road’ philosophy we decided to build it in our own image, We decided to take it should be about different people, different boards, different places and because we could, different days. With some many great surfers coming in during the week prior, we threw open the cupboard to the Deus quiver, giving the early arrivers access to craft they wouldn’t normally ride or perhaps more importantly, craft their not known to ride. Of course that was mixed up with peoples personal rides which were shared like a bag of lollies in the back of a car on a road trip. Thomas and Jake, were by this time, firmly ensconced in the board bay and we’d have to say, they were pivotal to get the dialogue going. Early morning trips, then back to the Temple seeing these guys cutting up and laying down, it was a natural progression for a banter of shearing foam and cut laps to prevail. To wash the dirt and dust off, a late arvo locals ride drew the gaggle once again together. So it was for the whole week that flowed up to what was on paper the pinnacle, Saturday down at Pantai Batu Bolong. Saturday morning and the swell was still on so people drifted to their favourite peelers along the coast, starting with what they wanted before meeting up in front of the Warung of Knowledge at Tugu, if you know it, for Bali’s First Fish Fry. Try to imagine a late breakfast garnished with a massive collection of alternative rides, you can kind of imagine how it was. We thought it bloody amazing how they made their way down the beach via almost as many various modes of transport, motorbikes, in a VW Kombi, back of trucks and two full transit vans. Was an eye popping spread of aqua vehicles all laying together on the grassy knoll. Fresh coconuts, party waves, dialogue and drivel. Smiles and laughing. Curious locals and expats rubbing shoulders with loggings greats. Bob McTavish was giving opinion where and when requested. Rick Pavell, also on hand, smiling broadly dishing advise and critique for those wishing to drink from the font. Standing in the sun, almost unanimously, drove people into the sea. What transpired has to be the most un-hassled session Tugu has seen in years. Kia, more than most others, took advantage of this smorgasbord of boards by surfing an amazing six different boards within the short space of four hours. Hat off. We put a pin in the board thing, we’d be getting back to it soon enough, packed things up and moved two hundred meters up the road to the Deus Temple for what many will look back on, as the night of the weekend. How can that be you ask? Well a party’s a party but this was different…The Shapers Forum. Mind you, it was all a little freeform. We threw a couple of couches on the back verandah, slightly reminiscent of an Oprah Winfrey set. Direction? None knew where it would go. Not like we had ever done this type of thing before. We needn’t have worried though for the MC, Monty, AKA the Duke, had done a heap of homework and careful crafted the conversation across various periods and design with the skill of a tight rope walker, albeit with size 12 boots. Didn’t hurt that he shared the couch with one of the god fathers of Australian Surfing and shaping, Bob McTavish who in turn sat next to the Patron Saint of Twin Fins, Rick Pavell. Thomas ‘Doc’ Bexon was on hand to throw in a modern interpretation. The crowd was large and super attentive. Alex Knost took over Q&A with some amazing questions as well as his own insight into board design. All this in a never to be repeated session. You had to have been there. One of the last questions to Bob as we were finishing up was if you were 20 years old what board, if you can only take one, would you travel with. Bob replied, “7’2″ tracker” The crowd went ballistic… Preaching to the converted. Photos by Anthony Dood and Monty