I need a Roadie

A road trip can be a mini extension of matedom. It’s own little eco system if you will. When you get a group of like-minded guys they can ingrate themselves with each other so much that even after a few short days, move with a single purpose. Same direction and line.

Straight after the Deus Slidetoberfest a few of us, in the like minded department, had an itching to travel. A little adventure to blow off some steam. Time poor we set our expectations and sights on not so hard to achieve, neighboring Lombok.

Under a blanket of blackness we fired up our rides and set sail along the empty night highways, through thecity, popping out onto the open road that leads to Pandang Bai. We’d split the silent night from one side of Bali to the other with the sound of our exhausts bellowing. We rolled onto the rusty but trusty Lombok ferry, bikes loaded with boards, bags, snacks and other essentials, including a load of tools.

We scurried about to find a corner on this steel hulk, our spot, out of the wind and weather and snatch a sneaky snooze during the couple more than few hours it takes to do the crossing. Dawn was threatening the dark sky when, to a man, we slid back onto our saddles, adrenaline tempered with instant coffee, glazing our eyes yet focusing our attention on this mornings destination. Eyes on the prize lads!

Wind in the hair and waking animals and people kept our attention. We rode as a group with the lead being shuffled around the pack. Jockeying for position. Lighthearted fun prior to the bulk of the morning traffic, we owned that road as we made our way through strings of villages and along several trails. Before we knew it we were peeling ourselves off the seats in expectation of some morning waves. Stocks and supplies were stacked in the shack. Road wear exchanged for the water variety. Slip, slop, slap, before a short outrigger ride bought us to a small line up. Nothing exceptional, though just perfect all the same. Just what the doctor ordered. We splashed in to take full advantage.

After a laid-back session, swapping waves and sliding around some others who came to learn to ride the wild waves, we retreated back to the boat then back to the village. Food, makan, was next on the list, buckling down to plates of local cuisine. After each and every had had his fill, once again, en masse, we headed back to our shack, this time though it was for a quick kip, a little time to rest our road weary bodies.

It was almost as if someone had snapped their fingers for we all came awake at once. To a man we were itching to go explore. We needed some waves with a bit of oomph to it… A map was pulled out and the oracles in the group consulted. A plan was hatched. We shredded off the non-essential items for the next section. To head off in search of something with a little bit more size we’d have to go a little off road. Indonesia specializes in the beaten track but little did we know what a ride it was to get there.

Starting off on tarmac, roads soonturned into dirt peppered with large potholes. Peppering gave way to liberal pinch before the whole lot resembled a rived bed. A really bumpy one. We throttled up hills and down into dales. Careful to not burn out clutches but not at the expense of some fun. hill climbing races chucking up dust as much as we could. Distraction detours up and down as many little dirt tracks to suss out a view or just for shits and giggles. Our fine form turned a ride that should have perhaps take an hour, ended up taking three.

Arriving with eyelids caked inch deep with road material, we broke it apart only to look out over the bay and find the gods of the sea has conspired against us. Big onshore wind slop hit the shorelines. We rolled down into the bay. The sound of our bikes in the peaceful village raised a few heads and a couple of the locals came over to say G’day. Wasn’t long before they began to tell us the age-old story of how we should have been here yesterday.

We rested up for a while. Ripped off another layer of skin while cleaning up a little and downed a few liters of aqua a piece. All the interest from our new friends got the less shy of our group to give a little riding on sand demonstration. We tore the bikes across the beach and round in round. Sand spewing forth, heads split with grins from ear to ear. We felt the heat fall from the day as a cooling sea breeze moved in. If we were to be back at at the shack before nightfall we’d need to set off soon. Goodbyes were said and we rode out and up away starting the long journey home. We crested the hill as the sun dropped below the horizon. We hadn’t had a sunset surf to enjoy, but for sure this was the place to be in the morning.