Japanese Tanks

Alloy…raw, light as a feather and welded with the precision of a surgeon. Qualities of the hand made tanks that Japan produces and we yearn for. Two such tanks have been waiting in our parts room, looking for an out. Enter the underdogs, namely a 1997 Honda Tiger 200cc and a 2005 Suzuki Thunder 250cc. Overly ordinary to the eyes of many and gathering time in our storage space. After much deliberation a plan was crafted…To sacrifice the two vehicles upon our Aztec temple and reincarnate them around our Japanese fuel tanks. Both became side projects in the bengkel, lunch break time fillers and after hour brain scratchers. I wouldn't go as far as saying they are 'rat rides' but definitely have an 'bare minimum' / 'unfinished' look about them. which is where we were headed when we started out, they serve their purpose without frills or unneeded add on's.