Le' Mans Cave

There are times in a mans life where he needs to spend a bit of time in his shed. Last weekend Rod invited us to spend some time in his. When we were told about it, we expected a rusted out, dust filled garden shed with maybe one or two classic cars trapped under a bunch of old boxes. On arrival we quickly realised that wasn't the case as we were greeted by some severe glare produced by a super rare airstream excella perched on the front lawn. Once inside the jaws started dropping. Not only was there not a speck of dust insight, but instead of a couple of classic cars this shed, (sorry small warehouse) was filled with arguably some of the cleanest and most well kept classics most people will ever get to see. From the 57 Corvette, 330 GT Ferrari, Shelby Mustang to the D-Type Jag. With the bright paint, decals and smell of gasoline it became clear that this wasn't an ordinary garage but rather a full fledged workshop. Rod Explained that these fine examples weren't just good looking paper weights but are actually all race spec cars that are frequent visitors of Eastern Creek. Despite how incredible these motors were we couldn't help but wonder what lay beneath one of the covers. Rods son without hesitation pulled back the cover to reveal the meanest, most steroid pumped Corvette Sting Rays thats won numerous trophies in its class. After almost wetting our pants the day was wrapped up by riding around his trails followed by an enormous and well deserved BBQ.