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Zero Engineering is a custom motorcycle manufacturer, known for its interpretation of post-war hardtail Harleys. The "Zero Style" is synonymous with ZE founder Shinya Kimura, his choice of low-slung gooseneck frames, springer forks and minimalist bodywork allow the motor to be the focus of the motorcycle.
In keeping with Kimura's philosophy of less is more, Artem's idea for his Type 8 was to emphasise the great lines already present in the type 8 frame while using some modern tech to bring this twin into the 21st century. While we're at it, a little TLC wouldn't go astray.
The first task was replacing the front and rear fenders with stainless steel numbers to match the polished tank. The indicators were replaced with @kellermann_company atto's that all but disappear on the bike. A new @motogadget Tiny speedo was chosen to sit between the springer suspension.
While we were in the cockpit the bars were replaced with a M bar to bring the stance even lower, the control buttons were ditched for @Purpose_Built_Moto units and KustomTech took care of the brake and clutch controls.
The fishtail exhaust was a large, shiny distraction from an otherwise subtle build, so a straight pipe in black was the choice of volume enhancer.
The final touches come by way of a retrimmed seat by badass trim co and a lush set of leather grips.

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Photos by @Kenyonbatterson


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