Lovelace in the Temple Bay

Based in Santa Barbara, California, shaper Ryan Lovelace is on his second visit at the Temple of Enthusiasm, working on an intimate selection of boards manufactured for distribution in the far reaches of the Deus Empire. The young shaper has long established his name in the surfing industry and is currently busy in the bay shaping what has become his signature: a V-Bowl mid length board - a design he meticulously perfected over the past two years. “I’m the sort of guy who after three sessions wants something different under his feet, you know? But when I started making these I just wanted to surf them all the time”, he explains. Well he’s not the only one. These boards are high in demand with orders often outweighing production, and they’ll soon be available in a range of different sizes to be shipped worldwide. Luckily for us, Ryan’s trip over here coincided with the visiting of artist-duo Land, who collaborated with him on the Deus X Land X Lovelace V-Bowl. The board is a stunner and the art is equally impressive. It’s an extension, if you will, of Land’s “A Gift to the Dogs of Time” exhibition, which will premier on Friday the 13th of September, so come by if you want to check it out. Fuck me. Friday the 13th… Among other boards Lovelace has shaped at Deus is a finless creation he made for Deus family member, the one-and-only Harrison Roach. With an asymmetrical shape fashioned to go primarily right, this design, dubbed The Rabbits Foot, is attracting a lot attention from around the world from surfers and shapers alike. When he’s not busy in the bay Ryan has been enjoying nature’s generosities; living a buoyant lifestyle and surfing the countless number of breaks mother has blessed us with here in Bali. He’s always putting his machinery to the test, constantly developing on and improving ideas. The world needs more shapers like him. Enough Said. It’s been a pleasure working with you and we hope to see you in this neck of the woods again soon.