For many, the trip to Southern California for LUFT4 had been a pretty loud fahrt. That is to say, (in German) quite the journey. Childish puns aside, we wanted to throw everybody a 'welcome to town' party on Friday to kick off the air-cooled Porsche weekend, especially for those who had driven from as far as New York, which seemed like a really good excuse to turn on the barbecue and crack open a beer here at the Emporium Of Postmodern Activities. A limited quantity of the newly printed LUFTGEKÜHLT BOOK had just arrived which added extra flavor, and the casual night ended up being pretty darn fun, with Pacific Horizons getting kooky on the turn tables—in a good way of course! Deus co-founder and head creative Carby Tuckwell had just finished painting an impromptu parking sign as a caravan of east coast hotrods arrived, soon followed by the Northern Californians and handful of local friends and before we knew it, the uncurated carpark squeeze and signature Deus Wabi-Slabi was in full effect. The much-driven, well-loved, and bug-splattered cars came secondary to the merriment and anticipation for Sunday's Luftgekühlt event held in the Port Of Los Angeles (which did not disappoint—more on that later) Six tin thermal ink plates from the book-making factory were framed for the night. These plates were used to separate colors in the printer and were disposed of after production, but luckily our boy Thomas Walk who was there for final proofing was able rescue a few of them for us! To close out the night with a bang, Pirelli Pam the Deus resident 912 blew a rod on the way home. It was an earlier expiration to her weekend than hoped, but rolling with the unexpected is all a part of the fun! Huge thanks to everybody who came to hang out and to Einstök for providing the beer! The books are currently available at the Venice Emporium and will soon be available for purchase online at