Malibu Classic 2012

Last Friday we had the great opportunity of sponsoring a new event at Malibu Surfing Association's 2012 Malibu Classic—a timed nose-riding competition with some of the biggest players in the surfing world battling it out for toe-hanging supremacy on one of the finest noseriding breaks in the world. Winner Harrison Roach and the runners up all went home with vintage 70's single fin boards as prizes. The higher you placed; the less water logged your trophy. Also on the day was the first iteration of surf tag at the Malibu Classic. Our Aussie friends from Foam Symmetry won the event. We entered a team and didn't necessarily win, but got some serious points for having some good ol' fashioned fun. All in all, Friday was a "competition," but at the end of the day everyone agreed it was a gathering of friends out in the sunshine with perfect waves and nobody out!