Matthew P - "She Began to Dance" Music Video

"Have you ever had a bad day? Of course not your in Bali where you can never have a bad day"
Our good friend Matthew P, who was our resident musician here at the "Temple" during his last visit, has released a new video filmed on the coast of Suffolk England. We love to check out the goings on of this lovely chap and once again he's put out another rad song.
Matty P grew up in a country town on the east coast of the UK writing music with his brothers and friends until he was discovered at a point when he thought he was in hiding. Heading back home from the big city after two years dedicated to music, cocktails and hot totty, he hid away in a garden shed and wrote songs from the heart and music to stir the soul.
Matthew has been gigging all over the Europe for the last two years building his ever growing fan base. We were stoked to have had him grace our stage for a couple of months during last winter. He'll be back here again in January but until then lets just enjoy the musical delights of his new Video, "She Began to Dance".