On the night-You're My Type

Last Sunday nights session was made a little more special than usual. Three of our favorite artists and friends, Andrew Wellman, Robert Moore and Jim Mitchell had a little shindig, 'You're my type'. This Typographical gallery event brought the art lovers and enthusiasts out of the wood work. Or is that 'wood word'? Suffice to say a few verbs were dropped and nouns capitalised throughout what turned into a crazy night.

A curly side bet happened mid evening, a charity auction for Deus family friend, 'Mr Tugu,' Phil Carroll, which saw prints from the above as well as those from D Hump going under the hammer to help him and his family. The big draw card, a 9'6" Deus Custom longboard, set up a bidding war before it finally went to a good house called home by three young groms. I am sure that they will be getting lessons on this beauty soon. The dueling MC's Monty & Tyler should have their own radio show after that episode. Love ya work.
Music is the staple for Sundays at teh Temple and we were once again blown away to have 'Ry Cuming' on the back verandah. Muchas gracias. Beats through the evening were laid down by DJ Frasier. Our own '5 Songs from God' played more than their name and left us chomping at the bit for more. Rounding out the evening was the tryptic, 'Barmuda Tryangles' though this time they formed a square with a hooded guest DJ.
The show will hang on the Gallery wall through September. More than enough time for you to nab an eye catching work of art, your own artistic "type" to hang at home.
As for the evenings entertainment, might I just suggest you come down to the Temple for a Sunday night session, you never know what's in store.
Here's an insiders peek at the fun and frolics had by all on what was an outstanding occasion...