Papas got a brand new bag..

There are many things in life which define a person…personality, views on the world and how they present themselves. Now I'm an advocate of the latter of these three, how you dress / look on a daily basis is how people will see you and thus judge what kind of person you are / could be. But you don't have to go as far as $6000 suits and ostrich skin loafers to look classy in my eyes, the class lies in the accents. Shoes, wallets, hats, glasses, belts and watches…all these things can be used to show a bit of style and class with whatever you choose to wear. even a tailored Armani suit can be let down by the wrong timepiece or hat choice. Now that I'm done with 'fashion talk weekly'…Lets move onto these goodies for both man and gentleman. The Temple's showroom now houses a plethora of accessories consisting of Brixton hats, RAEN sunglasses, Libertine belts and some brand new Deus wallets and bags to accent that bit of class you know you have.