Parking Lot d'Elegance IV ; C-diff edition

Parking Lot d’Elegance IV C-diff Edition We decided to take a different approach to this version of Parking Lot d’Elegance, the event which started some 6 years ago in the parking lot here at Deus Venice, Land Rovers 70th year was the cornerstone of the C-Diff edition. Not your regular trailer-queen-beauty-pageant-polish-off, as usual we did away with “concours condition” requirements of d’Elegance and added a few miles of mud and adventure. Series Landies all the way through to the Defender. An amazing collection of cars, people, dogs and friends came out for the show to enjoy everything Deus has to offer. Great tunes by Dresus, Coffee by Vittoria, Mezcal from Madre and the debut of our revised food offering here at The Emporium by Chef Breandan. A special thank you to Sinuhe Xavier and his amazing Cool N Vintage built, for the curation and coordination of the vehicles, without his community and connections this event would have only been a fancy idea. Photos by @sinuhexavier, @lifeof_riley, @then_somethingnew, @petergiangbang & @cookwilltravel landie1 SHOP THE LANDIE TEE AMERICA EUROPE AUSTRALIA + REST OF THE WORLD landie2 SHOP THE LANDIE POSTER AMERICA AUSTRALIA + REST OF THE WORLD