Rango - Royal Enfield

Giving a nod to the desert sleds of the past, Rango pays homage to the modified road bikes ridden by pioneers of scrambling through the 60's and 70's. Stripped of excess weight, functional body work and a grunty 650 twin to boot, even Steve Mcqeen would feel at home on this rowdy steed.

The first task- Stance. To give this interceptor more off road capability the rear was raised 1" with a set of Maxton T260 Shock and the forks upgraded with YSS valves, springs and preload caps. The rear loop was then shortened and kicked up to suit the new stainless fender kit from Baak. A purpose built moto stainless front fender was also mated to the front fork brace.

The stock seat base was shortened, reshaped and covered by Bad Arse Trim Co with an alcantara top and vinyl border. Baak tracker handlebars, Brushed side covers, leather gaitors and mirrors, along with a Rizoma cowl complete the aesthetic.

A low profile headlight bucket with LED insert accompanied by PBM dome indicators take care of the lighting, while a motogadget tiny speedo cleans up the cockpit.

With the sled looking the part, it was time to make it go the part. Revelry Cycles treated the engine to a slew of goodies from S&S including a high performance cam, 750cc pistons, stroked crank, ported and flowed head, big valves, S&S qualifier headers matched to an SC Project S1GP muffler, Powertronic + Map switch, house made 40mm throttle bodies and K&N pods.

These upgrades managed to squeeze an extra 33hp from the now 803cc motor making 73hp at 8100 RPM.

With these relatively simple yet effective tweaks to the interceptor donor it was transformed from a great street commuter to an even better purpose built scrambler, capable of tackling everything from your morning coffee run to the Baja 1000.

Based in Australia & want to build your own Rango? Find the parts at: https://deusparts.com.au/collections/rango

For all sale and build enquiries about Rango please email: bikes@deuscustoms.com

Photos by Kenyon Batterson


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