In the shop with Rod Emory.

The term "Outlaw" seems to be a pretty common one in the Porsche community these days, and anyone with enough resources to change a paint scheme wants to be a called one. Here's a little history lesson, the original Porsche outlaws were born in the back of a car parts store, where the Emory boys began hot rodding Porsche's first factory car, the 356. 25 years later and Rod Emory owns and run one of the best Porsche custom shop in Southern California if not the world when it comes to the 356. At the age of 13, Rod restored a 53' coupe and began his long love affair with the 356, nowadays Rod has moved beyond the conventional restoration routine and has taken the evolution of the 356 into his own hands. With no fear of pushing limits and braking boundaries, an Emory car is bound to have some tricks up it's sleeves. The perfect example, is Rods personal car -the Emory special. A 354 Cabriolet, transformed back to front resemble a Spyder. In the engine bay you'll a 911 flat 6 with its two centre cylinders cut out to fit the 356 - thats right, a four cylinder 911 engine, the special ingredient of many Emory builds. What you end up with is a one a kind 356 with a 2.2l overhead cam engine, a G54 gearbox and the suspension and stopping power to match, all weighing under 2200 pounds. A few of us from Deus Camperdown were treated to an exclusive tour of Rod's shop in West Hollywood when we were stateside back in April. As we walked around and absorbed all the amazing cars, we really got a true sense of history and heritage. Something that the Emory team is proud of, the old school is way of life for them. It's all done they way Rods Dad would of 25 years ago. But they've also gotten quite good at getting modern technology on their side. A lot of Rods special projects now get 3D scanned to ensure that every sheet on metal fits perfectly. Make sure to follow Rod Emory on Instagram via @rodemory.