Sibling Rivalry

Next out of the garage at The Emporium of Postmodern Activities are Boodaak and Dakdaak, the tenth and eleventh signature builds from Woolie’s Workshop. Affectionately called Sibling Rivalry, the two bikes were born of the same idea: turning street legal enduro bikes into badass super singles. The hand-built, motocross-engine-based café racers are track ready and fully competition capable. Both motors were custom tuned by Jim Wood at Southland Racing with Boodaak being powered by a HRC Johnny Campbell spec Honda XR650R motor with oversized valves and a Carrillo rod, and Dakdaak running a Honda CRF450X stage two motor with two-millimeter oversize stainless steel valves for longevity. The bikes’ names are derived from the sounds of the engine as you roll on (boooo) and off (daaaak) the throttle, and they’re as fun to ride as they are to say. Their hand made chromoly frames and custom chromoly swingarms keep things moving in the right direction with serious stopping power from the Beringer six piston brakes up front and Brembos in the rear. The hand formed aluminum gas tanks fuel the bikes in style and their custom made seats sport Kushitani leather to saddle their riders in comfort. “Boodaak is torquey, fairly smooth, has a big long power band and super good turning,” says Woolie. “Dakdaak is quicker turning, much much lighter, and has a motor that runs between 400 and 12500 RPM and is built to run at the rev limiter all day long. Or for about 50 hours anyway.” Special thanks to Ed Sorbo at Lindemann Engineering for his superb suspension work and James Eiland at Rizoma USA who’s been a fantastic asset to Woolie’s Workshop.