Silhouettes & Simple Lines

Don’t let the grain fool ya. It’s the grain that 'Jimmy James' goes against.

He's a film chemist whose mixing new techniques and dipping into the vat of past knowledge that gives his work it’s lustre, and boy does it ooze through his lens…

Combining that with a radical, free radical ‘Tyler Warren' and the imagery is second to none.

Plus one more with Ellis Ericson who sunk his teeth right into the heart and soul of what Deus has to offer, and added his offerings to this trifecta. Ellis has been scratching out these 'filthy diamond tail single fins' which were, my friends, the final piece needed to join the three minds into one for this project.

This film clip is just a tease of a work in progress by 'Jimmy James'. The final product will be called 'Tracking'

“Ride on you Crazy Diamond”