Sleek new fixed gears hit the showroom floor

"The bicycle is a curious vehicle, its passenger is its engine" - John HowardThis quote is is simplistically confusing, however makes sense at the same time. Its almost the same kind of view I have towards bicycles themselves, especially towards the single speed / fixed gear genre. Bare bones complexity and sleek to boot, but when built right they work so efficiently and effortlessly its hard to see why people don't use them more everyday. These delectable pieces of rolling eye candy were delivered a couple of weeks ago and have been awaiting assembly until yesterday. First up we have the Surly 'Steamroller,' a 53cm fixed gear, sporting some of the finest equipment rupiah can buy…shiny shiny track peddles, maxxis slick tires and some jet black rims to name a few. Next we have the ruby red beauty that is the, All city "Big block track bike" which is also rocking some sleek track ped's, but rolling along on some Vittoria slicks atop its lightweight racing rims. They are ready just in time for the first ever Deus 'Block Scramble' which will take place at the swapmeet on November 14th at around 1pm in Canngu. So if you ride and reckon you can roll…see you at the start line!