If you enjoy highly toxic fumes, floating particles of polystyrene and all around general hazards. Join the club. A surfboard factory may be fraught with things that are...well lets just say less than healthy. For me though its a giant playground. I don't know if its the massive power tools, flammable liquids or untapped creativity that calls to me. Whichever it is, I'm glad it does, because a day in a surfboard factory is a day to remember (or not, depending on how long you spent without a mask.)
The Smokin' Skull and Luke Studer have been tag-teaming some boards, cleverly combining both applied art and fine art in ways that would overload the senses. Luke has been working on shapes like twin fins, bat tails, single fins, displacement hulls and other shapes that just look like fun to ride. On the back end Smokin' Skull has been using a mixture of mediums to apply his vision to the boards, including resin tinting, pigments, paints and screen prints along with his own special ingredients that i wasn't privy to.
The boys are good old fashioned hustlin' as the Temple opens in just a week. These boards will be on display to look at and fondle (and purchase) on the night of September 4th at the Deus Temple of Enthusiasm.
In case you hadent heard... The Deus Gallery is having a benzine and resin fueled exhibition of single fin inspired art by Robert 'The Smokin' Skull' Moore, Dustin Humphrey, Andrew Wellman and Carby Tuckwell. The occasion will celebrate the first exhibition to be held at the Deus Gallery plus the first visit by friends to our new Deus 'Temple of Enthusiasm. The locale is at 'The Temple' Canggu. The time is 7pm till the budget is wrecked. Dress - because it might get cold.