"Sri Lanka Flight 902 is Now Boarding"...

Just in time for the upcoming surf trip to Sri Lanka, two Thomas Bexon sliders are fresh out of the Deus sanding bay and into the board bags! Glassed with class and resin filled with skill these boards are bordering on fine art. And don't they look sleek and pretty!
Thomas & Jake really went to town on these craft. The patch work, resin tints and use of Volan and Batik as well as the science of the shape really show the skill these guys brought to the shaping bay. The boards have been made for a couple of the closest family members here at the "Temple" and they can't wait to dip them into the warm waters of the tear drop Island. Slide away boy's! It's go time!
We wish them all the best with these beautiful yet contrasting polished gems of glass & foam. Don't worry there's plenty more coming out of the bay and onto the showroom floor in the next couple of days!