'Mustang', our chief mechanic, has been busy both in and out of our Bengkel it seems. He must just love the constant cacophony of a welding buzz, squealing torque wrenches and the throaty roar of exhausts...It's a regular metallic symphony down there.
During all the commotion here in the Temple's Bengkel, how could anyone find time for a passion project? You could build it at home in your own living room! And boy did he do just that! Due to an engine being the heart of the beast, it deifinatley took some tweaking and here's what he did to create the aptly named 'Sunday'
First of all, get a Wiseco piston in there. Beef up the exhaust and intake valves, change the carburetor to a PE 28 mikuni and strap on a KNN filter. Now for the power. He changed the coil to a YZ 125 and slipped in a BRT race CDI. When that's said and done you have to recalibrate the header pipe length according to compression...Balance is key to performance and power no matter what.
If the bikes engine is running like that you better marry it up with an upgraded clutch system, so he changed up the friction plates and added a high performance clutch spring to boot! Now that's a few nights on the tools for sure.
All you have to do then is wrap a motorcycle around all that engine work. So that's what he did. Sitting on a set of meaty 18 inch Enduro Heidenau tyres both wrapped around TK alloys, those victims of centrifugal force are bolted on to a set of SR 400 rear shocks and a GSX 250 front suspension setup. The bike literally jumped smoothly out of the 'Stangs' living room workshop into the light of Day.
Growing up watching the classic movie "On Any Sunday" every Sunday, week after week, well, the visons must have seeped right into his subconscious, emerging years later in a shiney mechaincal form. The inspiration flowed freely into those little but 'o' so important details. Bring the yellow Deus custom tank and fairings into the equasion. Bolt on an Enduro tail light and a Harley Davidson front light with cusom grill, Ventura chrome handlebars, gum grips, custom mini switches and a classic speedo with matching yellow face...then you got yourself a sweet 'Sunday' ride!
If you've ever graced our 'Sunday Sunset Sessions' you'll know how we switch a 'lazy Sunday afternoon' to an evening of raucous behavior. Our Bengkel chief, 'Mustang', does that with motorcycles.