Badabing, Badaboom! Deus Surf Swap 2015…lucky number 8.
The luck seemed to be blowing firmly onshore from somewhere cold yesterday though as the hundreds who came early for the best boards braved the blustery and wet conditions yesterday at the majestic Bondi Pavilion amphitheatre. Along with live performances from Sons Of The East and Pat Capocci, the public had a glimpse at the shaping skills of legendary shapers Bob McTavish and Thomas Bexon on duty in the shaping bay container until the sun set. The hungry whine of the power planer blew north on the wind and attracted peeps with an ear for its beguiling wail.
Adding major charm to the day was the new addition to the Surf Swap festival – ‘The Tent of Abandoned Possibilities’ which provided free board appraisals and fortune telling. Folks queued up to present their pre-nineties sleds for a salty ‘antiques road show’ style chat. Surfboard aficionados Damion Fuller (aka The Board Collector), Stu Nettle and Gavin Scott brought their encyclopaedic knowledge of yellow foam to the table and had an interesting story for every board presented but it was a 70’s Gerry Lopez single fin that had them licking their lips. The board is seen ridden by the king of G Land, Mr. Peter McCabe (who was there with the board on the day) in the opening scenes of Jack McCoy and Dick Hoole’s famous surf film, Tubular Swells. “That one’s priceless,” said Scott. By mid afternoon the sun had come out and the beers started flowing… ‘twas a special day to be down at Bondi.
Thanks for the Board Collector for partnering up on number 8 and a special thank you to local legends Porch & Parlour for keeping all the salt enthusiasts fed with those tasty one handers, and for Corona helping us celebrate a great Surf Swap!
See you at number 9, till then keep your eyes open on council cleanup days!