Takes two to Spoon

Following all the comments, likes and other favorable nods we received on Thomas and Jake's foray into the world of Spoon. We were totally dumbstruck to find that Jimmy 'No shirt" James had actually recorded the entire process with a little film. We're sure he had it snuck up in the corner somewhere out of the way. Today he dropped off his little visual offering to the Temple.
Four days of shaping, grinding, sanding, glassing, tinting and more sanding have been edited into this very tidy little visual snack. Add a dollop of some classic surf bay sound bites and we think that he has once again come through with the goods. So much so that we pushed everything else we were working on to the side of the desk after that first viewing. We knew what we had to do. Big shift in our priority, because this was something one didn't sit on. We had to get this up and out there.
Love ya work Jimmy James!