The Mansion Of Munificence - Brazil

Deus Ex Machina welcomes the MANSION OF MUNIFICENCE to the Deus Flagship family – our new home in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Within the mansion comes a deep history associated with Brazilian design, with iconic Brazilian architect Oswaldo Arthur Bratke creating the house in the 1950’s. It took our team a tick over 12 months to restore the Mansion to its modernist state and we are extremely proud with the final results. From its historical bones to its iconic '50s furniture – each intricacy has been considered and executed to create our most palatial global temple to date.

Located in the Pinheiros neighbourhood, the Mansion weighs in at 850m2 and includes a shop, restaurant, bar, grill area, wood fire oven, art gallery, terrace, lounge and rooftop.

We are so pleased with the result and excited to welcome a trio of Mansion Masters to a growing family of Deus Flagships. Long time friends Cris and Rodigo, alongside Gustavo form this Brazilian dream team, founded in a passion for bikes, surfing and all things Deus.


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